Feasibility/Planning studies for facility improvements and expansion

Hal and Katie Johnson and Associates

Hal Johnson and Associates (HJA) is a family owned, full service church resource development consulting firm based in Bloomington, Minnesota.

A History of Success

  • Over the past 44 years, HJA has directed 290 church projects raising over $310,000,000 in financial commitments for churches/schools.

Proposed New Campus Facility Study

We are in the process of determining the feasibility and choices of a new worship campus.  As a member, your feedback is always welcome.

Join us on Sunday, September 30th @ 1:00 pm for a Special Congregational Meeting.  We'll discuss the results of our study and vote on our next step!

Presentation Planning Team

Bob Bee, Chet Berkey, Mike Brown, Kendall Clark, Jason Dutton, Steve Gutsch, Pastor David Irgens, Stacy Klawiter, Keven Otto, Tracey             Samuelson, Al Templin and Jamie Wendt