• Prayer Requests

    Supporting one another through prayer.

        Would you like prayer?  Let a pastor know or call our office.  We would like to support you!

        Care to join our Facebook Prayer Chain?   Call office for details.  715-514-3552

  • Supporting the Body of Christ


         Visiting a brother or sister, Singing, Playing music, Changing a light bulb, Cooking, Many, many ways to encourage others.  Let the office know what you are interested in!  715-514-3552


         Your family of faith is here to support you.  We have resources!  Let your pastor know, or contact the office!  715-514-3552

  • Home Communion / Visits

    Supporting one another, volunteer members offer visits and home communion.

         Call the office for details!  715-514-3552

  • Wellness Service

    Get information and resources.  Evidence-based.  Our local ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center) has many free and low-cost services and classes.  Call them to learn the latest!  

         Eau Claire County:  715-839-4735

         Chippewa County:  715-726-7777

         Dunn County:  715-232-4006

  • Faith and Fitness weekly support (Daniel Plan)

    Learn about the Daniel Plan here!

    Call Tim at 715-579-6044 or email to learn about meetings and support at Saving Grace!

  • Running On Faith

    You are invited to join this newly created exercise group in participating in area fun runs.

    Represent Saving Grace while having fun, fellowship, supporting good causes and enjoying healthy activity.  Contact the office for details!  715-514-3552