What are we doing while staying safe at home?  

Let's stay connected!

Donna's Paying it forward...

This is Donna's home.  She has a cooler on her driveway with cookies in baggies for the walkers.  She has added small dog bones for the dogs.  She has been following the stay in place order and sewing, baking, reading and keeping in touch with friends on a daily basis.  She's been enjoying the live streaming as well.


One of our Confirmation Students, Breanna Hayden, was published through the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.  Wow!  Copy and paste the link above  to read her piece on Hope.

Ruth is keeping a positive attitude!

Ruth has been organizing pictures from her travels and sharing, writing a gratitude journal, and catching up on some quilting.  The pictures at the left show some of her wonderful photography and a rag quilt she completed for the Saving Grace Church Bazaar.  Thanks for keeping positive and sharing with us!