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Summer Bible Fun

Let’s have a little fun this summer!

Each week we’re going to have a fun Bible activity to complete. The activities can be done as an individual, a family, or a group. Most are easy, a few are challenging, but all are FUN!


**If you follow the church Facebook page or have access to the church website these activities will be posted each Monday.  Feel free to comment (or post a picture) on the Facebook posts that you’ve completed the weekly activity.  You can also send an email to savinggraceeducation@gmail.com with pictures of your activities or answers to the questions. We’d love to hear from you!!


Let the FUN begin!!


o July 26th: Open your Bible to a random page. Count how many times your see the words “God”, “Lord” or “Jesus” in the Bible verses. Share with us where you opened your Bible to and let us know how many times you saw God’s names. 

o August 2nd: This week, work on learning the books of the New Testament.  Try a different method of learning the books for fun or if it was hard to learn the books of the Old Testament- write the books on post-it notes and place them on your kitchen cupboards, a mirror, or down the hallway, write them in chalk on the sidewalk, or write the names on building block and stack them up as you learn them.


o August 9th: Play a game of Would You Rather? Bible Edition with your family or call a friend and play a game over the phone.  (1) Would you rather eat from the tree of knowledge or eat manna and quail for the rest of your life? (2) Would you rather sleep in a lion’s den over night or live on an ark for 150 days with 2 of every animal? (3) Would you rather part the Red Sea or walk on water? (4) Would you rather spend 3 days in total darkness or eaten by a giant fish? (5) Would you rather have been the first person at the tomb on Easter morning or the first person to hear of Jesus’ birth?


o August 16th: Make a Fruit of the Spirit fruit salad. Which fruits will you use to represent love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control?


o August 23rd: Take a look at the names of the books of the Bible. Which 4 letters of the alphabet are not found in the names of the books of the Bible?


o August 30th: Read your favorite Bible story while doing your favorite summertime activity- eating ice cream, sitting in the sunshine, in front of a campfire, at the beach, in a boat, etc.

There are devotional booklets available for you in the church vestibule and at all church services.

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