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Family Group

Family Group

In the summer of 2021, the SGLC Family Group started as a way for families to gather and get to know each other. We started meeting at local parks (it was during the pandemic, after all) and ventured out (and in) in our activities as we were able.  This group is for all families, whether your child is an infant, school age, or even a young adult- any family who would like to just have a bit of wholesome fun!

We try to meet monthly, but hey, we're all busy families and schedules sometimes don't match up. That's ok! When we do meet it's guaranteed to be a lot of fun for all!

Our past adventures have included: Geocaching, cookouts, a trip to Irvine Park Zoo & Olson's Ice Cream, family game afternoon, movie afternoon, a visit to Ferguson's Apple Orchard, and a pool party at Fairfax. 

We hope you'll join us for some fun soon!

Contact Dave Cunningham or Melissa Corlett for information on upcoming events.